About ThrivingLocally

Local eCommerce made easy!

We are so excited that you decided to check out our marketplace.

ThrivingLocally is designed specifically for Canadian local small and micro business and their awesomely passionate entrepreneurs.  PLUS we made it FREE!

ThrivingLocally started because we believe that LOCAL is the best way to build sustainable economies and thriving communities.

AND we wanted to make selling and buying local EASY because shoppers are craving the authentic, curated experiences that only local stores and entrepreneurs can provide.

We hope ThrivingLocally can accelerate the Shop Local movement. That’s why we built our platform from the ground up to make Local eCommerce EASY but still have all the features to compete with the big box!

Our purpose is to make local eCommerce EASY.

Easy to sell online and Easy to buy online which is why we have combined the eCommerce websites (webstores) together under one fantastic marketplace.

For more information on the webstore and all its awesome features go here www.ThrivingLocally.com/sell

You can rest assured that a diverse and passionate team of serial entrepreneurs make up the engine behind ThrivingLocally who are continually developing the marketplace platform to enhance your local online shopping experience into the best BUY LOCAL shopping site on the planet!


The origins of our logo from Ashley Johnston the local graphic designer of the ThrivingLocally logo:

“Every living creature thrives under the sun. It gives us life, warmth, and motivation. People come together to make positive changes in their communities; to grow, learn, and thrive.

Local communities are important in sustainability and prosperity. While they can be considered distinct entities from one another, we’re all connected under one sun, and we’re all trying to make a positive impact.”