Creating The Perfectly Sized Image With Pixlr

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Photo editing may not be your strong point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. At very least getting your images the correct size is a must. Too big of a file and they won’t be usable, tall and they don’t fit well, to small and no one can see the details. offers great photo editing tools that you use right in your web browser, so no need to download anything. or download it to your smartphone and do it all right there. The Pixlr Photo Editor is very powerful, but we will keep it simple and look at using the basics to ensure your photos display nicely in your ThrivingLocally store.

Check out  and take a visual walk through by clicking here.

How to Pixlr


Important things to note about your images on Thriving Locally

  1. 550px wide by 350px high works best
    Landscape always works better than Portrait.
  2. Its hard to break a picture

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