Descriptions -Written once, read forever

The most important pieces of information you will ever write for your product. Many of the people viewing your items have not heard of you or your product, and this is the time to make your strong first impression.

Realize the description must hold all the answers for your potential customer; you are not there to answer questions. A well written description goes beyond the physical characteristics and it get the reader excited, opening their eyes to all of the benefits of having one of your items.  Learn to describe your items in full, in the same sentences that get your customers emotionally connected, then step back and make sure it’s easy on the eye. If you can do this successfully your sale readers will start purchasing your items instead of having a quick look and moving on.

Cover your attributes and watch your astrix

Your may think it is not important or that it’s blatantly obvious, but every characteristic of your item is important. If you neglect to add a piece of information Murphy’s law will ensure that a future customer who buys the item will find it important and be very upset the description had not been more full. To avoid upset customers and returned products, cover all attributes of the item.

Sometimes the item does not appear exactly the same as in the picture or there are specific requirements around buying the item like age restrictions, delivery conditions or delays for manufacturing custom orders. That’s alright, It’s your item and you get to set the terms, but remember to make it very clear to your customers what these terms are.

Get Personal

Here is where the selling happens. It’s simple, if you expect someone to get excited about buying your listings, you have to give them a good reason. They are already looking at your product imagining it in their hands, and it is your job to paint that picture, a picture full of detailed information and emotion. Take the attributes and characteristics of your product and expand on why they are this way, focusing on the resulting benefits of the characteristics over the specific attribute itself.

Instead of saying:

“These cups are doubled walled glass”


“Individually mouth-blown by expert artisans, these double wall glasses keep hot drinks hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation”

The design of the product is explained and given purpose with real world scenarios. The reader can relate to “burning fingers” or “messy condensation”, and this product is offering to get rid of that problem. Everything from the intended purpose to the materials it is made of, or the person who is behind the company, all aspects of your listing are potentially important to the reader.

  • Is a one of a kind, say so
  • If countless hours were spent on research and development, divulge your devotion to the item.
  • Mention special recognition your products have received.
  • Explain why it came to be.

Format for success

Make it scan-able. Break it up, use headings, spacing and lists appropriately. Nobody likes reading a big block of text with no end in sight, but by breaking it up your readers have places to pause, look back at the photos, and come back to a visually unique part of the description.

 All in all

Every reader should leave excited to get their hands on your products knowing life will be good once they posses it… and of course with one in their shopping cart.

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