Janet from LuxClusive Shares her story!

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The reason why your company and product/services came to be?
Lux came to life when I had lost my job and was looking for work and a friend of mine said that I should start my own business selling my jewelry and accessories that I made. I had been an avid crafter for years and had sold my work at markets and other venues.   I didn’t think that what I made was worthy of being sold in a retail store, but after some serious soul searching I decided that it was something that I could do, and to have a store in the downtown core of Nanaimo had always been a dream of mine since I had grown up in the downtown area.  Less than a year later, Lux opened and to my surprise, my handmade wares were selling and for more than I ever thought they would.  It was so nice to realize that there was a real market for handmade items and that people wanted the unique items that I made.  That’s when I really learned the importance of buying local.  I had always supported local it in the past but never felt so passionate about it as I do now.

What motivates you to wake up and come to work everyday?
I think what motivates me the most is my customers.  They play a signifigant role in the direction of what I am planning to make next.  I ask them for their input all the time and they are always there for me, critiquing my work and encouraging me along the way.
What is the number 1 “thing” that your entire team/company embraces?
Local, local, local!  I am a big supporter of local artists, as well  95% of my store purchases are bought as close to home as possible through Canadian wholesalers.  Its important to me as well as to my customers.   I jokingly say, “Shop where you can yell at the owner”.  No I don’t want you to yell at me but I like the idea that when I shop locally, I get to meet the owner and find out all about them as well as what they sell
Why do you feel “buy local” is important?
Without local family owned businesses, our local economy would simply crumble and collapse.  Studies have proved that when you buy local, that money stays within your community and what that means is it will keep your local economy alive.  And really, if we don’t keep buying local and all these wonderful small businesses close, what will we have left?  Walmart and Super Walmart? I really don’t want that to be my only choice.

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