Local Delivery: How it works


How is this possible?

Since all the purchasing activity happens within our ThrivingLocally marketplace we can now coordinate all the local purchase delivery information and compile that into the most effective and efficient delivery route possible.

Time and fuel saved means money saved.

This is how we make local delivery happen!



We are hiring!

We are looking for awesome people to provide awesome local delivery services for all the awesome local small businesses in your community!

Do you want to be a part of your community delivering all the unique that the local small businesses in your community create?

Did you always want to have your own delivery service?

Or maybe you already have one?

ThrivingLocally provides you with all the information and software to run a very efficient, profitable, and enjoyable local delivery business.  All you need to do is provide the vehicle

See the areas we are looking to establish local shipping services here but if you do not see your area please contact us to discuss!

Click here to apply to be an awesome local delivery’er today!