Welcome to the Local Eats – Foodie Owners Resource Guide

One thing the ThrivingLocally team knows is that the steep discount coupon/voucher (50% off) is not very sustainable or successful in bringing in repeat customers and building your clientele so we need to get creative.

For this initiative to be successful it needs to be attractive enough to create buzz but also sustainable enough to make you money! So how do we do this?



 When making your listing

review these important details!

1. In your SHORT LISTING DESCRIPTION add the most critical details to the voucher

  • Time of day or Day of week restrictions – “Tuesdays only”,  “1:00pm -5:00 pm only”
  • Must purchase regular priced entree’ etc
  • you only have 250 of characters to display so choose wisely!


2. In your LONG LISTING DESCRIPTION consider adding these conditions to protect your online sale.

  • Not to be combined with other offerings
  • Conditions apply (must purchase regular priced entree’ etc)
  • One voucher per customer per visit
  • One voucher per group per visit
  • Subject to availability
  • Not valid during defined holidays
  • No cash value

3. Make sure you add your listing to the COLLECTION! – ADD your lisitng to the “Local Eats” Industry Collection as this is what we constantly promote as a “group”.

How to tag

4. Be sure to select the correct SHIPPING METHOD – select “no shipping” for voucher based listings that way the customer will not be changed a shipping charge.




Did you create a new listing? Let us know!

While we are always monitoring the new listings please feel free to use this form and let us know of a new listing you added just so we do not miss it because we want to share your awesomeness!


Here are some ideas that are attractive but also do not give away the farm

“New menu item” launched or “Menu item on sale”

Why not put your regular specials and new menu items online?  Let everyone know what awesome foodie offerings you have.  who know some may even buy them or for a friend.

20% Off Is Enough To Attract Customers

In order to stimulate your potential customers, you must provide a discount of 20%. This percentage is enough to attract the targeted group of customers and make you a profit.

$20.00 voucher for $15.00

Vouchers are a great way to attract customers as it provide complete flexibility in what they can spend it on.  Putting it on sale makes it attractive but be cautious of the steep discount.  You are running a business not a charity.

“$5.00 appetizer” (or whatever you price it)

…with purchase of entrée.  Wile you may be selling your appy at cost you should make money on the entrée.

Coffee and a pastry for 1.99 (or whatever you price it)


“99 cent appetizer voucher”

…with purchase of entrée

99 cent “all you can drink” voucher

voucher allows a customer all they can drink with purchase of an entrée.

99 cent “Sample Platter”

…with purchase of entrée, Giving your customers “free” samples is an effective strategy to creating a lasting impression in the mind of your customers and introduce then to something they may not have tried before. In fact, business empires have been built on this single customer retention strategy

“99 cent desert” voucher

…with purchase of an entrée.

“2 Entrées for $20.00” (or whatever you price it)

This voucher means they must bring in a friend. Friends like to have a drink or two (nice natural up-sell)!

“Type of day/Time” special voucher

For example, you have a huge dinner crowd, but your new breakfast time isn’t doing so well. Offer your voucher for those slower times.

“Birthday Voucher”

Did you know that 50% of Canadians eat out on their birthday? These customers are easy targets; they are just waiting for an invite and when does someone eat out on their birthday alone?

“Toss Up Tuesdays” voucher

Pick Tuesdays (or your slowest food day) – Sell a voucher for 99cents that allows a customer to “flip for the food tab”. Guests will have a 50 percent chance of getting their food bill paid by the restaurant. This attracts your guests’ attention much more than a” buy one get one free” promotion. Guests are also more likely to have higher check averages than normal because there is a chance they won’t have to pay. It creates a tremendous attention among your core guest base.

“Roll the Dice” voucher (99 cents)

Some one at the table simultaneously roll a die as you roll the other die. Matching dice or correctly results in the table’s getting their meal free or at a substantial discount.

“It’s a Party” Voucher ($20.oo for $15.00, or a specific meal type, etc)

Max one voucher per paying customer.  Reservations required.  Must be with a group of 10 or more to redeem this voucher.  $20.00 is then subtracted from their meal bill or they have paid for a “party meal” which may have been a selection of a Vegetarian, Beef, Chicken, Fish dinner.

Visit companies in your neighborhood

Many owners forget about the companies that surrounding their restaurant and are very important potential customers, especially during lunch hour.
For a start, select some target companies and groups from your neighborhood and plan a time to visit them. Personal contact with potential customers is very important. Introduce your restaurant to managers and directors and make a stimulating offer for them when they visit your restaurant or order food for delivery. Talk to them and let them know they can buy online too!

Happy Hour

This voucher promotion is intended to boost business during a slow hours in a day. Happy hour is usually in a late afternoon Monday through Thursday, and often taking place at some period between 4 PM and 8 PM. In most cases the “happy hour” lasts longer than a one hour. Let your customers purchase an online voucher that can only be redeemed during those Happy Hours. Make a happy hour menu with half-price wine lists, cheap cocktails and side dishes and you guests would happily pay and eat much more.

Use Sport Season For Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Sell Sport Event Vouchers/tickets that can only be used on “game night”. Using various sporting seasons as a good way to get customers into your restaurant. Make a dinner discounts or organize different parties like super bowl party in your restaurant or bar. Also you can give sports names to some of your dishes or drinks from menu list, even funny once. Lure people to eat in your restaurant instead staying in the house.
Super Star Tips: Provide a large screen to your guests and enjoy in watching sports matches. Buy team t shirts for your staff and combine them in a new wait staff dress code.

Wine Tasting Event In Your Restaurant

Sell Wine Dinner Event Tickets – You will need some time to plan and organize wine testing, but a successful event can bring in continued business long afterwards. You can organize wine testing night any time during the year. Be sure that you choose lighter wines in the summer and heavier varieties of wine in winter time.

Super Star Tips:: Contact local wine producers or their distributors and co-organize this event. This can also improve your relationship in the future.

Best days for organization of this kind of event are Friday and Saturday when people can relax and not have to worry about going to work tomorrow morning. Think about your guests drinking habits. Good time is just after lunch or dinner time. People certainly can drink more after a good meal.

Theme Dinner Party In Your Restaurant

Theme dinner or even lunch party can help you to get new restaurant promotion ideas. Choose theme for your guests such as Italian dinner party. Make a full Italian experience for your guests. Set the table cloths in the colors of the Italian flag green, white and red. Or if you don’t have it buy only napkins in these colors.

For music, choose Italian canzone which will in one moment change the atmosphere in your restaurant, and become very romantic. And of course make a menu with special offer of Italian food and wine which is an indispensable element of Italian specialties. I m sure that your guest will have a lovely time and come to visit your restaurant again.