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 Use your “Meet the Owner” tab to connect with your customers. 

One of the unique aspects that a small business has over a large corporate business is your ability to be personable and connect with your customers.  Sharing your story helps bridge that connection with your customers.  On each and every one of your listings there is a “Meet the Owner” tab – this is where your customers have access to your story.

“Think of this as your ABOUT US page”

This “Meet the Owner” area is created to allow you as a business owner to tell your story to help in connecting with your viewer.  Use this space wisely as it shows up on every one of your listings to help make that connection as much as possible.

Here is a guide to help you craft a great “Meet the Owner” page

Crafting a Great Story


Where do you do this?

Go to your Shop Settings found under your Shop Tool and find the section titled Seller Info.

This is where your finely crafted story calls home and is displayed in the “Meet the Owner” tab on all of your listing pages.

Seller Info Box




Happy Selling!
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