How to process an order


  1. Customer purchases an item(s).

    1. Payment will be arrive in your PayPal account.
    2. The customer receives and emails receipt of their order.
    3. An order alert will arrive in your email and also appear on your Vendor Dashboard
    4. Go to View Order page and you will see all your processing tools on the right hand side of each order.


      1. View Order DetailsThis will open up a page to detail all the order details.


      2. Shipping LabelPrint this off and attach to the order when you are ready to ship.


      3. Order NoteNeed to let the customer know something?  Type in this note and a message is sent to the customer.ordernote
      4. Tracking NumberIf you have shipped through Canada Post or a courier place the tracking order details here for the customer to follow up on.trackingnumber
      5. tracking-number-email-example2Mark Shipped – Activating this will send an email to the customer that the order status has changed to “shipped”.


  2. Package the order.

    1. Package the items safely together.
      1. With Local Shipping the package will spend far less time in transit and be handled only a few times, for this reason heavy cardboard boxes and packing peanuts are not usually required. Breakables are still breakables, so don’t get too lazy
      2. Purolator and Canada Post shipping can be a little rougher on packages then the “local boys”, so package according to their requierments.
    2. Include the packing list – go to View Order page found on your Vendor Dashboard
    3. Attach shipping label to the outside of the package.
      1. Local Shipping Labels can be found at the bottom of the invoices or packing lists
      2. Couriers and Canada Post labels need to be created as per their requirements.
  3. Ready to ship the order?

    1. If you are using a Local driver found on Local Delivery Service Directory  then let the driver you have arrange your shipping through by using this online Delivery Contact Form to send them the required information for a super smooth local delivery.


      This will alert the Local Shipper that your order is ready to go with an automated e-mail.  They will come by within the agree time frame to collect and deliver the package.

    2. If you are using a national courier or Canad Post then you need to arrange to get the package to them.