Shipping and Delivery for your Webstore explained

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While shipping products is arguably be the most complicated part of an online business we have tried to make shipping for your ThrivingLocally shop as easy as possible.  Please read through the resources we have compiled for you.

First question:

Are you selling Services?

Easy peasy since there are no shipping charges BUT you need to know how to turn that off  – read below on that.

Are you selling Products?

This is more complicated and have created a dedicated instructional page for Product Shipping.

Service Shipping Information

Shipping is simple for service type listings (for the most part) because they are typically not shipped BUT  it is important that you prevent the default shipping charges from being added to your listing.

You have two locations in your shop to prevent any shipping charges from being added to each of your listing:

1. You can set your whole shop to “free shipping” by going to SHOP SETTINGS>>SHIPPING>> use the “free shipping” check box.


2. OR you can set this free shipping option within each listing but selecting the “virtual” checkbox found in the listing editor.  This will override any of your global default settings for the listings that you set this way.


This will prevent and shipping charges being added to the shopping cart for this listing.

Product Shipping Information

We have covered off the most critical product shipping details on the Vendor Instructional page where we go into depth on topics such as:

  • Determining your Shipping Strategy
  • How out of town delivery works
  • How local delivery works
  • How to do your own delivery
  • Where you enter your delivery cost information
  • How you can offer “local pick up”?
  • See the local delivery services in your area
  • Send “ready for Pick-Up” message to your local driver
  • We even included some common Shipping Calculators



Happy Selling!
– The ThrivingLocally Team

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