Non Face to Face Group Benefit Policies

Handcrafted milkshake

Our milkshake is handcrafted from a base of premium Island Farms ice cream and then we add from a choice of over 30 flavors!

Handmade Dreamland Min Album  measures 8 x 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 ” 

Handmade, Solid & sturdy construction.Steampunk Debutante. Measures 14.5″ H x 6.75″ W x 6.75″ D. Adored with metal hardware feet, top knob decoration and drawer pulls that you can add a name tag under. 

Sassy mugs designed and printed in Nanaimo BC

Out of stock

JC hypoallergenic earrings, non tarnish rhodium finish with crystal accents

Karma Couples Massage 75-90 min

Couples massage performed by two qualified practitioners.  Once purchased please call to book the appointment.

Karma Hospice

Treatment time will vary between 75 to 90 minutes. Once purchased please call to book the appointment.

Karma Tandem 90 min
The energetic flow of 4 hands simulation stimulating the body mind and soul.  blended together to create the ultimate massage session extraordinary relaxation and energy balance.

Karma Massage is a Holistic intuitive massage treatment. I am passionate about healing bodywork because I’ve seen first-hand how beneficial it is to us, inside and out.

Touch with therapeutic intention has positive effects on ALL systems of the body, mind, and spirit; cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immunity, excretory and reproductive systems. We face many challenges throughout our lives, some are physical, and some are emotional. Often it’s both. Therapeutic touch combined with healing energy work creates space for your own body to self-correct these traumas, so you can focus on being your best self.

I amplify the bodywork that I do through the dedicated use of positive healing intentions bringing the best of deep tissue work with the more subtle benefits of Reiki-like healing touch.

I borrow technique through decades of hands-on and studied massage modalities including Shiatsu for pressure points, the flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi massage, Indian head massage, hot-cold stones, foot and hand reflexology, and acupressure. 

I will listen to you, listen to your body, and work to create a positive change. Share your goals and we will work together as a team to accomplish them.