PURE Wisdom ‘4’ Life, Inc.

Body, Home and Pet Care

W: purebodycare.ca   E: purebodycare.canada@gmail.com     Phone/Text: 604-970-8370

All of our products are handmade with natural ingredients using our own recipes. They are tried and true first on ourselves, then on our friends and family. We strive to please and feedback is very welcome! We do not make health claims. Allergies are a very real concern. We always recommend a spot test (24 hours) prior to using a product fully in case of a reaction. Just because a product is ‘natural’ does not mean it is without issues. All ingredients are listed in order of volume (largest to smallest) on the labels. In addition our contact information is listed on the label. The intended use of the product is clear with its name – none of our products are intended for ingestion.

Packaging is intentionally minimized and designed to reduce our carbon footprint. Re-use and refill is encouraged.

We can ship our items or deliver or they can be ordered then picked up. There are retail locations on the Sunshine Coast.