Session 7 Outline – Get people excited with a contest!

  1. Review Last weeks action items
  2. Review facebook contest do’s and don’t
  3. Set up a contest


Contests are a great way to gain exposure!  Run a competition with a prize.  Promote your competition and collect email addresses and customer details to send out future promotions. The competition will also create awareness of your company.

Believe it or not creating a contest is a great way to get exposure!  Humans just love free stuff!

1. Determine your contest goal

Write out your campaign goals. Without goals, you won’t have a direction, and it’s going to be way harder to succeed. You might have different goals for every contest you run. Know your goals before you begin.

Here are some of the more popular goals you can achieve through Facebook contests:

  1. Get more Facebook Fans
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Generate tons more new emails and leads
  4. Get user-generated content (UGC)
  5. Get more engaged and loyal Fans
  6. Gain immediate sales with links back to your shop
  7. Launch a new product or promote an event
  8. Obtain greater insight into your Fans’ likes
  9. Drive more traffic to your ThrivingLocally shop

2. Chose the type of contest

Choose your type of Contest – You’ve already determined that you want to run your contest on Facebook, but what kind of contest best suits your goals, objectives and target market?

3. Choose the Prize

Choose a prize – Your prize is one of the most important motivators for people to enter your contest. Having a bad prize (or no prize) can make your contest flop.

Make your prize brand related – Your giveaway needs to be related to your business. Offer a product you sell, a gift card, or even a cool experience (such as backstage passes to a band or movie set), that markets your business too. This will entice entrants who are interested in your business, and more likely to become become customers. Don’t giveaway an iPad, for example, if it’s not at all relevant to you.

Make your prize motivating to enter – Choose a prize that your target market wants. If you’re marketing to environmentally friendly types, don’t give away an SUV, for example.

4. Contest Guidelines

Yup, guidelines are generally a part of any type of contest


5. Time Frame and Frequency

Determine your contest time frame – How long will you run your contest? This will vary from one contest goal to the next. If you want a quick call-to-action from people, keep the time frame shorter, at one week. If you are running a big budget contest, and are using the contest as a way to promote a product launch, or have a significant giveaway, you’ll want to run the contest for a longer time frame, such as a month.

Determine contest frequency – How often you run contests is related to how long they are.
By making frequent giveaways, your customers will get into the habit of entering, and it will build momentum.



Your local ThrivingLocally LAD (Local Area Director) can assist you in getting your contest the traction it needs by sharing it on the ThrivingLocally social media.  Use this like to submit your contest to your LAD.

Be creative!  check out the different facebook ideas on the contest submission page.


Give away a free sample – everyone loves a free sample of something good.  Entice people to make a purchase and receive a free sample of something when they make a purchase.  Invite them into your store to try a free sample of something.

Plan your next holiday promotion – keep your eyes open to your incoming emails from the ThrivingLocally team.  We will have some great inspiration for creative ideas when it comes to holiday promotions.  We want you to be successful and are working with you and the rest of the local small business community to make the most of the holidays!  Click here for the promotions and media information page.



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